The inspiration for Expanded Universe Designs was simply a love for geek culture.  We love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and all the fantasy worlds they create.  We were established in 2021 and are located in Upstate New York.  Although we are a new company we are excited and dedicated to our products and services.  We are passionate about the things we love and the community of friends and people we have had the pleasure of meeting.  Some of the most passionate people we have met were people at local Comic-Cons, that shared our passions and those are the people this company was created for.

There is an entire community of adults that loves geek culture.  People that dress up for conventions, people that wait all year just to try to get into the Star Wars Celebration, and more. What we have noticed is that there are a few things that are missing from the vast variety of company's that target audience are these people.  

What if your favorite character in a movie or game that isn't the most popular character? Or let's say you absolutely love an anime that hardly anyone has even seen.  Unfortunately, what that means is there is nowhere to go to get merchandise for that.  You may find one or two things from random sites if you're lucky but aside from that you're out of luck.


We have run into that problem time and time again and hav decided to do something about it.  We developed The Vault where we allow people to send us special requests for merchandise they want.  Remember that obscure character or anime you couldn't find anything for? Now you can get an entire line made just for you and those you think will enjoy it!

So enjoy shopping and remember that if you can't find something all you need to do is open The Vault, only at Expanded Universe Designs.